Almost summer

Life in the Marsh house has been crazy (as always) lately. So many things have happened in the last month. Courtney’s baseball season is coming to an end and Cael’s is just beginning. Courtney’s team has done pretty well, rebuilding as they always seem to be. Tonight he has round 1 of regionals. We are torn though. If they win tonight they play on Wednesday. Of course we want them to win but Cael also has a game on Wednesday night. We’re not looking forward to Daddy possibly having to miss his game on Wednesday but we’ll deal with it. (UPDATE: They won! Daddy will miss the game on Wednesday.) Daddy is going to miss practices and a few games in the next month because he is going to be working in Emporia again for the summer. This should be the last time he has to do that. It’s a big sacrifice but we will need the money at the end of the summer.

Cael has been busy the last month with baseball practice 2 nights a week and has now started having games. He had his first game last Friday. In case you aren’t familiar with tiny people COACH PITCH (yes I said coach pitch!) this is how we do it here: 4 innings, no time limit, no outs. They bat through 9 batters and each batter gets 6 pitches. If they hit they run the bases, they can be thrown out but they don’t do 3 outs. If they don’t hit any of the 6 they sit down and the next boy comes up. When the 9th batter goes up once the play is dead they see where people are on bases and that’s where they go the next time at bat. We haven’t had that scenario happen yet. Last Friday Cael played 2 innings and had to sit out 2 innings. He played left field both times out and wasn’t a huge fan of being in the outfield! He would much rather be up to bat. He hit both times he got up but was thrown out at first both times. The other team was a bunch of first graders and half of our team will be in preschool next year! He had his 2nd game on Sunday. He played 2 1/2 innings because we were ahead at the bottom of the 4th so we didn’t get to bat again. He hit both ties he was up to bat and ran the bases and SCORED!! I was so proud of him! He danced each time he got on base. He ran with his tongue hanging out and tried to slide into home. When he got on 1st base he looked at his coach and said, “Give me pow, coach!” The first time he scored he “slid” into home and smiled the biggest smile I’ve ever seen and said, “I did it!” ADORABLE!!! I wasn’t too sure about Cael playing baseball but I am loving it! He is so happy and having so much fun. It’s worth it.










Cael & I are still going strong with daycare every day and we will for 2 more months…and then Teach & Care Family Daycare will officially be closed down! I got a job teaching 1st grade in Effingham! And tomorrow we will be closed so I can take Cael to Effingham to get screened to start preschool! I am freaking out a little bit about him starting school but I will deal with it. I’m sure it won’t be as bad as I am dreading especially since I will be starting teaching at the same time. We found a great daycare that is right across the street from the school I will be at so at least he’ll be close to me. That might be a little strange! *We met with his daycare and he was screened yesterday. I got to sit in on the screening and he did GREAT! It was a very thorough screening. He gave her some answers she had never heard before too. For instance she said, “If a pillow is soft a rock is what?” Cael’s response was, “Uncomfortable!” Then he said it was not soft before finally saying hard. I think he is going to have a great preschool experience! I met some of my new colleagues and brought home some of my teaching materials. I am getting really excited about going back to the classroom!! I am still dreading not being with Cael but I think that is totally normal. He told me yesterday, “You are my preschool teacher and I will miss you.” So sweet!

After screening and meeting new daycare we went to Atchison to get a few things from Wal Mart and to grab dinner. We ended up running late and had to eat in the car. We drove back to Effingham for Cael’s baseball game. They only had 9 boys last night so he got to play every inning. First time at bat he struck out and took it like a champ. His 2nd time at bat he made it to base but the next batter was the last batter and he struck out so there was no more running. Third time he hit and ran all the bases to score the tying run to make it 13-13. Last time at bat he hit and got tagged out at first. By then he was tired and hot and sweaty and grumpy and got pissed when he was tagged out. We had a minor fit that mommy was able to easily defuse and then the game was over. We lost 16-17. 😦 Daddy didn’t get to be there last night because his team was playing in round 2 of regionals. They went up against a team that they just played a week ago and lost 2-12 twice in one night. Last night they went 2 extra innings and lost 1-2. Talk about a heartbreaker game! Courtney said it was some of the best baseball they have ever played. Now we’re busy with Courtney’s sports banquet tonight, Cael has a game tomorrow night and then we finally get a little break.

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I cannot believe April has come & gone. The month of May started yesterday and in less than a month Courtney will be home for the summer. (I think!) April was a crazy month. Cael started baseball practice and we made a trip home for a weekend for Easter. And yes, I said baseball! Our boy is going to bypass tee ball and go straight into coach pitch!! He started practice a few weeks ago and I was the mom with the camera out to take pictures. I am not ashamed to admit it. I only have one human child and I will take pictures of EVERYTHING! Cael is actually doing pretty good with baseball. He has been batting with us pitching to him since he was 2 so he is used to it. I’m not saying he’s great and he doesn’t hit the ball every time but he’s doing really good for a little guy. Here are some pictures from his practices.






foot down904454_10154048776650089_518106886457466854_o






We got to go home for a few days at Easter. It was a crazy busy weekend. On Friday we drove to Salina and Nicole & I went shopping for new shirts for family pictures. Saturday we got to have lunch with Allyn & Hannah who were in Bennington for Easter. Then we went to the city park for the annual Easter egg hunt. My phone rang right before they blew the whistle to begin and it was Nicole. She was trying to get all 3 girls out of the car. So Courtney went across the street to help her out. Before he could get back they had blown the whistle and Cael took off grabbing eggs. I was the crazy mom telling him, “Grab as many as you can!” and snapping pictures. The girls got over there right when he was finishing up. My sweet, caring, AMAZING Mr. Boy shared his loot with his cousins. And he did it without complaining, without whining & crying about it.

He was preparing for the whistle to blow.



Double fisting it! He was really in to grabbing the eggs!


And this. This is my son selflessly sharing over half of his eggs with “his girls”. My sweet boy!












The Easter Bunny found his way to Auntie Sharon’s to make Cael’s delivery. Then we had an Easter egg hunt with Cael’s cousins. Look how excited he is about books and underwear!









This last week in April has been a whirl wind too! I applied for several, like 35 several, jobs. I thought for sure I was going to have an interview at a school here in Leavenworth but they are closing the 5th grade building (yes we have a complete separate school for 5th grade!) so the schools took those teachers. I was pretty disappointed. Last week I got a call about an interview for this past Monday. I went and thought it went fabulous! Then Tuesday morning….I got an offer! I am not going to offer up any details yet because it’s not completely official (it has to go to the board) but in the next couple of weeks I will be able to! Lost of decisions to be made and it’s a little crazy. With having an in-home daycare it is not just about me and my family, there are other families involved. It should be a time of excitement because I can go back to what I love. But while an offer removes that stress it adds a few more stresses! And it adds some sadness because my boy will be leaving me. I have been with him every day for the last 2 1/2 years. How do I not be with him all day every day?? Decisions, decisions!

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Life in Pictures

Courtney didn’t like this picture of his son as a Cornhusker.


Cael & KayLynn taking a break after watching AJ perform.


He was just too tired to walk to the van!


Sporting his shirt for Coach Giles. Looks good!


My beautiful sleeping boy.


Cowboy Cael!


Lookin’ sharp for Bogum’s funeral. So handsome!



He had some very important things to tell Aunt Joy. And then they re-enacted the last scene from Dirty Dancing.



Auntie Sharon said he needs to work on cutting so we did just that.


A really bad picture of Cael from our trip to Coco Keys and our standard picture of Cael with a snake for Papa!



Having a serious heart to heart chat with his big yellow dog, Miller.


He is so excited to be starting baseball this summer! He did tell me though that he isn’t very good at baseball. He says, “I am only good at falling down and getting boo boos!”


I don’t know why but he does not like to sleep in the dark anymore. He has Christmas lights around his door on & a nightlight…and he sleeps with a flashlight on all night.


Nic & Madi tried to teach Cael how to look fierce. Yeah, we need to work on that.


After Nic’s wrestling tournament we came home and drove his truck. Then on Sunday he helped Daddy mow the yard. Apparently he was a little hard on his mower because he had to fix it.




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So our lives the last few months have been crazy. Courtney has been busier than ever this school year because of coaching an extra wrestling season. We’re getting by but it’s a little insane. My Grandma (Cael’s Bogum) was diagnosed with cancer this school year. I’m not sure I ever shared that. She was diagnosed with colon cancer and they did surgery and thought they got it all. She took chemo pills and did great with them until they got her up to a high dosage. Then she started having problems with her hands and feet. They stopped the pills and she started having pain and discomfort.

While all of that is going on we get a phone call that Courtney’s wrestling coach and our teacher from Jr. High and High School had a stroke while coaching at a wrestling tournament and was in the hospital. We were in SHOCK. He was one of the healthiest and most physically active people you would meet. Four days later he passed away. It was crazy! It really made us look at our lives and think that no one is immune to well anything! Just ANOTHER reminder to take care of yourself. Take care of your physical health, mental health, emotional health, everything! I am the first to admit I am not good at taking care of any of those things so a change needs to be made. Cael stayed with Grammy & Papa while we drove 2 hours for a wrestling tournament and were there for about 2 or 3 hours. Then we drove a hour and a half to his memorial service that was HUGE! Over 1,000 people filled this huge church. It was amazing! I have never seen so many people in a church before! Then we drove the hour and a half back to the wrestling tournament. When that was over we drove to Emporia for dinner with Dr. Clamurro and then made the 2 hour trip home. It was an exhausting day.

We finished the wrestling season with a third place finish at state! State weekend was a great weekend! We saw some really exciting matches. That Saturday night we drove to Minneapolis to get Cael and drove home. We drove home in sleet, snow, hail, every kind of weather you can think of that you don’t want to drive in at midnight. It was a LONG DAY.

A few weeks after that we got a call that Grandma was going to the ER because she was in a lot of pain. It ended up that they were going to do surgery that night (Monday). I got a feeling like I needed to call her and talk to her and let Cael talk to her. He was so sweet. He answered the phone and she said her usual, “Hello there!” Cael asked her if she was feeling better and told her he loved her and kissed the phone. I am so glad we did that. I got to tell her I love her. She went into surgery late that night and we thought things were going to be ok. But around 8:30 Tuesday morning Courtney called me from school and said that dad had called and we needed to go home. She was not doing good. We drove home and Uncle Curtis met us at the hospital. I was so thankful for him because I did not want Cael seeing her hooked up to machines. We spent the entire afternoon and part of the evening with her in her ICU room with mom, dad & Aunt Kim. We left when they kicked us out for their 2 hour rounds of shift change and what not. We left and went to stay at the hotel room dad had reserved for mom (she was staying at the hospital). At 6:00 Wednesday morning we were getting up to head to interviews in Riley County and mom called to tell us Grandma had passed away at 3:00 that morning. Wow. I don’t know how I did it but I pulled it together and went to my interview. (It was a great interview! But we didn’t get the jobs.) That afternoon we drove back to Minneapolis and saw family that was there. We got Cael and drove back to Leavenworth so Courtney could go to conferences Thursday afternoon. Then we drove back to Minneapolis Friday morning for visitation and the funeral.

Since then Courtney has started baseball practice and has his first game this Friday. Life has been busy! Courtney had spring break that week after the funeral but he didn’t really have a break. He had practice so he couldn’t do much and I had daycare so we really couldn’t do much. We did take the Friday off and went to Coco Keys Indoor Water Park and then to the zoo on Saturday. Sunday Courtney & I had the opera. Then this past weekend we went to Topeka to watch Nicolas at State Kids Fed Wrestling and yesterday was spent working on the yard and doing some spring cleaning. Can we have a weekend break yet? Please!

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Wow I have been a terrible blogger.

I have been terrible about updating this blog. I have been terrible about not taking very many pictures of our son. I have been terrible about making the memories (and documenting them) I NEED to be making with our son. Life has gotten in my way. I know what you might be thinking, “You stay at home ALL DAY, how are you not getting these things done?!” And I feel that same way! I am home ALL THE TIME. I make it to the store every few days so I am out of the house for an hour or so. I usually have Cael with me. I could take pictures of him at the store for crying out loud! The rest of the time we are home unless we are off to watch Courtney’s team running, wrestling or playing baseball. Why have I been so bad about taking pictures and documenting memories and stages in his life?! I guess I’ve been more concerned with enjoying the time with him and haven’t been concerned about the pictures. I feel bad about that.

I am realizing that my son is growing up. I know it sounds stupid because how can I just now be realizing that?! I have been in denial that he is growing up. I have been in denial that everyone young I used to know is getting older. I was pulled out of my denial last week…when I signed Cael up for summer baseball. No, not tee ball, BASEBALL. What?! I now have to make a schedule for my 4 year old!! He will have baseball Sundays & Wednesdays (I think) and then swimming lessons two days a week (hopefully Tuesdays & Thursdays) for four weeks. Then if everything works out right he’ll have gymnastics starting in September and he can start wrestling practices in December. Then laying in bed last night thinking about Courtney’s baseball season starting with games this Friday and that I need to get the wagon down and put in the van it hit me again. It hit me that yes Cael can fit in the stroller (bike trailer) right now but probably not next cross country season. And yes he can fit in the wagon this baseball season but probably not next season. In the next (probably) one year I will have a big boy that doesn’t need a stroller of any kind. Or a car seat of any kind. It is freaking me out! WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN??!! And how am I going to deal with this?!?! And when he starts school (yeah – SCHOOL!) how am I going to let him go? I was home with him for 8 weeks when he was born and that was hard enough. Now I’ve been home with him for 2 1/2 YEARS…how hard is that going to suck?! He & I actually had a conversation about this the other night. He asked me if I would cry and be sad when he grows up. I was honest with him. I told him that I probably would be sad and cry a little bit but that I would be happy and love watching him grow and learn. I really do mean that….I will love watching it, maybe not the part about being happy about it though. I know I should be happy about it but it is hard. Maybe I will surprise myself. For each stage in his life so far I have dreaded it. I dreaded him eating real food and not needing a bottle because that meant he could be a little more independent. But then it happened and it was great not having to buy formula or baby food anymore. I dreaded him walking because he wouldn’t be a little baby that needed Mommy as much. But then it happened and I loved chasing him around. I dreaded him being out of diapers because my baby would be gone but then it happened. He is potty trained and it is awesome. Maybe I will surprise myself and love watching him do big boy stuff. I’m sure I’ll be the crazy mom with the camera taking pictures every 2 seconds he’s on the baseball field or wrestling mat. I’m sure he’ll hate it. I’m sure my husband will think I’m crazy. Why is it so different for dads? I guess it’s so different because when a mom is pregnant with a child they are literally a part of you. It is absolutely true that when your child is born and growing up there is a part of you that is not there anymore. There is a part of you walking around in front of you and you can’t hold on to it forever. Man that bites!

This is totally not the post I was planning on doing today, it just happened. I think I am done ranting now. And now I can start another post about life lately and pictures of the boy. I started sending myself pictures I have taken on my phone the last couple of months and I realize I haven’t been as terrible with the pictures as I thought. I do need to be better though. Have a great Monday! And if you have a little one squeeze them tight and remember that they will grow up TOO SOON…and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it so you might as well enjoy the ride (or at least try to!).

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Snowtorious B.I.G.

I wish I could take credit for that but I cannot. 😦 For one of the first times I can say meteorologists around here were right on. We are saying right around 8″ of snow is what we got yesterday. I took the dogs out at 8:35 yesterday morning and there were just a few stray snowflakes. When I brought them in at 8:45 Snowtorious B.I.G. was in full effect. (It was done by the time I got up right around 7:00 this morning. I am guessing we got snow for 20 hours straight.) I became a little bit of a crazy woman and decided to take a picture every hour of the same place so we could see exactly how much snow we got.

9:15 am

9:15 am





3:15 (Yes, I missed 2:15!)







10:15 this morning
snow 1

10:15 this morning (Please excuse the disgustingly dirty door. Seriously. I need to clean that nastiness!)
snow 2

10:15 this morning…4th time snow blowing in 24 hours.

I had an unexpected snow day yesterday with only 1 daycare kiddo for about an hour. It was just me, Cael & Daddy for the day. Of course most of that day was spent playing with Star Wars Angry Birds and Daddy spent most of the time outside with the snow blower. Daddy is out of school again today because of drifting and cold and I only have Cael & 1 daycare kiddo. Tomorrow we are guessing Daddy will at least have a late start if not another day off because of cold. I believe in the morning at start time they are calling for anywhere from 5 below to 15 below. I’m sure I will have all my kiddos tomorrow but that’s fine. We’ve got some AWESOME Valentine’s Day gifts to finish up! I hope everyone is staying warm and safe!

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We haven’t had anything too exciting going on around here.  Wrestling most weekends and that’s about it for us.  Once wrestling season starts we don’t have any time to do anything else.  Courtney’s had a few snow days but I have been open each time so nothing exciting there.  Hopefully once winter is finally over (it can’t happen fast enough!) and Spring/baseball season begins we can actually do some family things.   So instead of reporting much here are some pictures I’ve taken of Cael lately at wrestling….where else would I take pictures?! 







DSC_0312 (2)

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I cannot believe that tomorrow will be 2014!! I remember in the 90s thinking how strange it would be to be saying 2000. Here we are 14 years later and yes it is going to be strange to say 2014! I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to accomplish in 2014. I don’t usually make resolutions or goals but I think I might try it this next year.

1. Get healthier – My family is relatively healthy. But that doesn’t mean we can’t get healthier. (Is that a word?) One goal for my family is to make sure we are eating better. We do a good job of making sure Cael is getting his fruits and vegetables and eating relatively healthy but we don’t worry about it so much for us. Cael needs a healthy eating mommy & daddy! For myself I want to get back into exercising (AGAIN!) and I want to run the Free to Breathe 5K again in September. I just want to know that I am doing what I can for my body & my mind so that I can feel good about myself.

2. Be a better mom – I know that I am a good mom already but there is always room for improvement. I need to make sure Cael is ready for school in August which means I have some work to do. My boy is smart already but we need to work on his writing and getting prepared for reading. Although sometimes he makes me think he can already read. At a Cross Country meet we pulled his stroller up to the finish line. This was the only meet that we had been to that had an actual sign for the finish line. I am not even kidding we pulled up to the sign and he said, “That says ‘finish’!” I also need to work more with him on chores and doing things for himself. We have a chore chart for him but we don’t use it. We’re going to start using it more and he is going to get a small allowance for doing chores. I need to make sure he is more independent. He counts on me for EVERYTHING and he won’t be able to when he goes to school.

3. Be a better wife – I need to work on being more grateful for my marriage and my husband. We need to work on better communication and just being a better husband/wife/daddy/mommy team.

4. Let go! – I need to work on letting go of lots of things but especially bad feelings towards myself and my body. I need to let go of worry. I worry about so many things that I cannot change and things I have no control over. Time to let it all go!

2014 is going to be my year! 2014 is going to be our year!



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Christmas 2013

It doesn’t seem possible that another Christmas has come and gone. I cannot believe that we just celebrated Cael’s 5th Christmas! Each Christmas we spend with him is more fun than the last. This year he was so appreciative of everything he received. He was happy and excited and appreciative. Almost every gift he opened he would hug and say, “This is what I always wanted for Christmas!” This year he did not open any gifts before Christmas. He knew that all of the gifts under the tree in Cars wrapping paper were for him and he left them alone. He asked ALOT if it was time to open presents yet.

Last year I decided to wrap books as a “Countdown to Christmas” for him. I wrapped 1 book for each night from December 1 – December 24. Last year I put numbers on them and he had to open a specific book each day. This year I wrapped all but the last 2 in silver so he could just pick a book each day. Last year he would open the book and just toss it aside. He wasn’t interested in it at all. This year he is the one who brought up opening a book every night. The last 2 books were in different paper because I had a book called “The Night Before The Night Before Christmas” for the 23rd and, of course, “The Night Before Christmas” for the 24th. He was excited to not only open a book each night but he was excited for me to read it to him each night. It was great!

Christmas being in the middle of the week this year made schedules interesting. I didn’t want to take the whole week off because I know how difficult it can be for some of my daycare parents so I stayed open Monday & Tuesday, which was Christmas Eve. Fortunately for me I got an extra day off because no kids came on Tuesday. It was nice to have 6 days off, something that has not happened in the last 2 years I’ve been open! We spent Christmas Eve cleaning the house and getting ready for everything. Mom, Dad, Joy & Aunt Sandi came over Christmas Eve and we ate and opened our jammies. I gave Courtney his big present from me. I got him a membership to the “Beer of the Month Club”. So the last week of each month for the next year he will receive 12 bottles of beer. He will get 3 bottles of 4 different flavors (is that what you call beer? flavors?). I had the first shipment arrive in November so that I would have some to give him. And we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of his 2nd shipment any day this week. Exciting!! I think he was excited about it.

Christmas morning we got up and had breakfast and opened gifts just the 3 of us. It was quiet and lovely. Cael was SO excited to see that Santa had brought him the Star Wars Angry Birds AT-AT Battle Game that he has been wanting for probably 2 years now. Then he saw that Santa also brought him 2 sets of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and 2 bad guys. This little dude was spoiled this year!! But ya know what? We’re fine with that. We are thoroughly enjoying focusing on him and only him! It was so fun to see him open his gifts. Courtney & I were spoiled by each other and Cael also this year. It feels so good to be able to have had a nice Christmas this year. We are thankful that we were financially stable enough to be able to have a nice Christmas. And I started buying gifts in October. I will definitely be doing that again! It felt so good to be done with the majority of our shopping by Thanksgiving!

We went to mom & dad’s on Christmas day. We had a great lunch and opened gifts with mom, dad, Joy & Aunt Sandi. Cael was so excited to get another Angry Birds hat made by his Aunt Joy. This year it is blue. We have had so many people compliment and comment on his red hat. He loves to wear his blue hat now and hold his red hat in his hands. The 2 hats apparently can communicate with each other. I’m not sure if I should be concerned or not. We left there and headed home to try to get our house in order before we headed to Minneapolis for the weekend.

Thursday morning we got up and finished cleaning before leaving for Minneapolis. We got there and then went to Salina to take Courtney’s dad, Grandma & Uncle Anthony out for dinner. It was a late night and Cael was exhausted. So exhausted that he & I slept until 9:00 Friday morning! We haven’t slept that late in a long time! On Friday Courtney and I went to Salina to do a little shopping and gave Cael some quality time with his cousins, Uncle Wilbur and Auntie Sharon. He loves when he gets to spend time with them. Thursday night before we went to Salina Cael was playing with Alta & her pink crossbow that shoots Nerf darts. He really liked doing that so on Friday we went and bought Cael one. They didn’t have any black crossbows so Cael is now the proud owner of his very own pink crossbow. He’s not a bad shot for a little dude! Friday night we did gifts with the Noon family and then more family came and we had a big dinner. It was another late night so Cael slept in until after 9:00 again on Saturday! I was shocked! Saturday we left to come home. We wanted a day to make sure the house was in order for daycare and just to get a day to relax. (And of course watch football. REALLY Cowboys??!! A very disappointing loss…AGAIN!) Sunday would have been Shirley’s 57th birthday. We celebrated by releasing a couple of balloons for her. Cael was very excited to release a Cars balloon to his Grammy Shirley.

Kids are getting ready to leave and we have friends coming over for New Year’s Eve. Cael is excited that his friends Davin & George (Jordan) are coming over to play and ring in the New Year with him. We might have to ring it in early because their mom has to work tomorrow but that’s ok. Cael saw 2014 tiaras at Wal Mart and HAD to have them. We have noise makers, tiaras, hats & glasses to wear so we might have to do that early. We also have “champagne” for the kids. It will be a fun night! We hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and we will see you in 2014!!






































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The Marsh Family 2013 Review

My hubs and I had a miscommunication when it came to Christmas cards & letters this year.  I wanted to have them ready by the first week in December but we couldn’t find time to get a picture taken.  We finally got one taken and I’ve been lazy about addressing them.  Courtney was in charge of making copies of the letter but I forgot to tell him to copy them.  So I’ve decided to do a year in review on here in place of our letter.  So here it goes!

January 2013: Cael had his first ever surgery!  We took him in for his first dental appointment and found he had 4 cavities.  When we got to the day of surgery (mom was a nervous wreck) and they put him under they discovered he needed more work than had been planned.  he ended up with 6 caps and 4 fillings.  He struggled that night with pain but he made it through.  We have dubbed his capped teeth his “magic” teeth and he knows when he loses them he will get extra money from the tooth fairy. 




new year

February 2013: Our second month of 2013 was a pretty sad one.  Winston wasn’t doing well.  We thought his stomach was distended so I took him to the vet.  It was his chest filling with fluid.  She said it could be cancer or heart failure.  She said we could give him meds but it would be “a little band aid on a big wound.”  We decided to have him put down.  It was a hard hard day.  Courtney & I were with him the entire time.  At the end of February we had State wrestling and it was an experience! Courtney & the team went out on Tuesday when they normally go out on Thursday because of a winter storm. They ended up with 18″ in Hays and wrestling started at 2:00 on Friday instead of 10:00. Our boy got 2nd again so we were a little disappointed but it’s alright.


fam with winnie

March 2013: Not much happened in the month of March. Courtney started getting busy with baseball and Cael and I were busy with daycare. There were some games we could not make it to because daycare friends were here too late for us to make it. On those nights Cael & I had “Mommy Cael nights”. Those are always fun!


April 2013 I guess Easter was technically in March but I’ll put it in April. We went to Minneapolis for Easter weekend. Cael got to experience his first big Easter Egg Hunt at the park. We’ve always just done little hunts in our back yard or at Sharon’s. He actually had 2 because we went to the park and had one with family at Sharon’s. Everyone was at Sharon’s and we took a big family picture. I hope to take another big family picture this year. I want to take big family pictures every time we get together for a holiday but that hasn’t been happening. I think I need to make sure it happens from now on!

easter family



May 2013: In May I went back to Sabetha for the graduation of the first kids I ever taught and Courtney & I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary. It was so nice to go back & see the kids all grown up. I went early and surprised some of them at their parties. I had a great time talking with everyone and taking pictures with my kids! Then for our anniversary Courtney & I went and stayed at a nice old hotel in Kansas City. It’s nice to take at least 1 night to celebrate our anniversary each year. The next day we drove up to Lincoln, Nebraska, to see Mr. Figgs from Sabetha. He had a stroke and was in Lincoln for rehabilitation. It was nice to get to spend some time with him and our friend, Angelina, who went with us. Courtney finished up a good school year in May and then got ready to start working for the summer.


June 2013: Cael turned 4 on June 10, 2013. I cannot believe our baby boy is 4 years old!! It absolutely does not seem possible. He is a wonderful little 4 year old. Yes, he has his own issues (like right now he is going through a phase where he does NOTHING BUT WHINE!!!!) but we wouldn’t have him any other way! We celebrated with an awesome Angry Birds party and on his actual birthday we made our annual trip to Hooters and then went to the Sea Life Aquarium in Kansas City. It was a great day. Courtney started working in Emporia for the summer in June. He would leave on Sunday night and worked until Friday then he was home on the weekends. It was rough and I hope we don’t have to ever do it again but we survived.






July 2013: We celebrated Shirley’s life on July 17, the day marking 10 years that she has been gone. Courtney was in Emporia working and Cael and I drove there to surprise him. We released balloons, read the book about her and just talked about her a lot. We miss her and we love her still!




August 2013: We celebrated Courtney’s birthday and the new school year started. Courtney finished working in Emporia just in time to start school and cross country practice. Nothing too exciting in August.



September 2013: September was just September! Nothing too exciting. Cael is continuing to grow and is so smart and funny! Daycare is full and going strong. Courtney & I did run in our first 5K together! Sharon & Wilbur, Curtis, Travis & Nicole, AJ, KayLynn & Mackenzie all came up and participated with us. Mom & Dad came over and watched. It was a great run to remember Shirley. I can’t wait to knock a bunch of time off my run next year!!





October 2013: We celebrated my birthday, Courtney’s girl’s team and 1 boy made it to state cross country & Cael was Yoshi for Halloween. Courtney’s 1 boy that made it to state got 2nd which was a huge accomplishment!





November 2013: Cross country ended and Middle School wrestling started for Courtney. He ended up at the last minute having to take over coaching and was so busy! He had to miss the first tournament because it was the same day as state cross country. The ms wrestling number went from 6 last year to 18 this year! They did really well for a young squad that maybe 2 of the kids had ever wrestled before. And then, of course, he started high school wrestling also! For 2 weeks he would go to work at 7:00 am, teach all day, ms wrestling practice from 3:30-5:30 and then hs wrestling practice from 5:30-7:30. It was crazy! Thanksgiving was quiet this year but we did get to spend the actual day with my mom & dad and Courtney’s family. We were in OP for the afternoon and then drove home.





December 2013: We’ve spent the month of December so far getting ready for Christmas and going to wrestling, of course! I’m pretty proud of myself because I started Christmas shopping in October and was done pretty much by Thanksgiving. Not too shabby! Wrestling has started off pretty good. They have a young squad but they should do pretty good. It’s going to be like their baseball seasons always are – a building year. We are very excited for Christmas Eve tomorrow! Mom, Dad, Joy & Aunt Sandi are coming over tomorrow afternoon. Then we will head to Mom & Dad’s house Wednesday afternoon and then we’re off to Minneapolis on Thursday. I get to start my break a day early because no kids are coming tomorrow! I’m going to clean the house tonight so we can make cookies for Santa and relax tomorrow! Can’t wait!! We hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a fabulous 2014! We can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store for the Marsh family! Perhaps a teaching job for Kelly? State Champion wrestler for Courtney? A winning baseball season with a trip to the playoffs for Courtney? KINDERGARTEN for Cael? Stay tuned to our blog to see!


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