Christmas & New Years!

We started off our Christmas season by going back to Minneapolis for the weekend before Christmas. We got to Auntie Sharon & Uncle Wilbur’s house on Friday evening and spent some time hanging out with the Noon families. Saturday we got up and headed to Sylvan to see Grandma & Granddad Marsh, Uncle Tim, Aunt Amy, Wyatt & Sam for a small Christmas. Cael was super excited to get to go see & feed Uncle Tim’s cows! I’ll post pictures from that later – I had my camera with me but it is upstairs right now.

Saturday evening we went back to the Noon house to hang out & have Christmas again! When we got there they were taking the food out of the oven & it wasn’t cooked….like at all. Unfortunately Sharon’s oven died! So Nicole took the food to her house & put it in the oven. After dinner we opened up gifts. Cael had a little bit of a difficult time waiting his turn as each person opened a gift. He kept walking around asking if it was his turn & when he was told it wasn’t he wanted to help whoever it was that it was their turn open their gifts. At the end of the night he opened up his big present from Uncle Wilbur & Auntie Sharon – a roller coaster!! He loves it! I have a video that I’ll post later.

Sunday we went to Aunt Kim’s house for lunch & then to Grandma Butler’s new apartment for gifts. It was a nice, quiet Sunday afternoon. Then we drove home to get ready for our big Christmas on Christmas Day.

We had Christmas Eve here at home with mom, dad & Joy. We made chilli & opened our jammies. Cael had done so good about not opening any of his presents before Christmas that we let him open a few little presents on Christmas Eve. It was just enough to hold him over until the next day. Courtney decided I needed my present that night too. He, mom, dad & Joy got me a really nice camera!! I am so stinking excited about it!! It has a big zoom lens and I can’t wait to try it out this weekend at wrestling! Christmas Day alone I took over 100 pictures! LOVE. IT. I got stuff ready for breakfast the next morning & we left out milk and cookies for Santa by the fire. Then mom, dad & Joy left and we put Cael to bed after reading The Night Before Christmas.

First picture taken with my new camera (by me).








Christmas morning we were up & Cael found his gift from Santa – a slot car track (I think that’s what it’s called!). He can race Lightning McQueen & Francesco Bernolli round & round on a track. I was shocked at how quickly he caught on because it seemed a bit over his head to me. I’m glad he likes it & is able to do it! Mom, Dad & Joy came up so we could open presents & have breakfast. Cael was once again spoiled. Joy made him the cutest Angry Birds hat! He also go games for his Innotab, lots of cars, clothes, etc. He was so excited every time it was his turn to open a gift. He did the same thing as he did in Minneapolis & offered to help everyone open their gifts so it could get to his turn faster. He’s so funny! After gifts Aunt Sandi came up & we had lunch. It was a nice, quiet, calm Christmas Day.





















Since then we’ve just been trying to get back into the swing of things around here. Mom had rotator cuff surgery last Friday, Joy went back to DC last Saturday, Courtney got back to practices & back to school this week. I had kiddos for the last 2 days of the week of Christmas and opened up again Wednesday of this week. We went to the head baseball coach’s house for New Year’s Eve. We lasted there until 11:00 before Cael needed to go. He of course said he didn’t need to go home but he was so sleepy. He played hard with the kids & wanted to play with the adults but then he discovered that they have an iPad. Oh my. That child is too smart for his own good!

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