I tried to do this earlier but I got a popup saying I was out of storage space for pictures.  I decided to go ahead and pay the $2 something to get more space.  So here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure!




Wrestling with daddy at Nicolas’ last home wrestling meet.  Pretty excited for the new season!


Snuggling with daddy!


Cute picture taken on election night.  The only way he would let me leave the house to vote was if I brought him a “present”.  His “present” was my sticker I got for voting.  He thought it was awesome and wore it all night!


He wanted to take a picture of a funny face to send to CAJ!


My sweet skeleton boy!


Wearing Uncle Curt’s hat at dinner.  Yes, his pants are undone.  Why?  I have no idea!


Steam mopping is a new hobby.  It doesn’t even matter if there’s no steam!


We went to Walgreen’s and bought a present to put in the box for Toys for Tots.  Cael didn’t even throw a fit so he earned a prize.  He was so excited about his angry bird & piggy!  He has no idea where they are now and neither do I but they were good for a few days at least.


Apparently that couch is no longer Cael’s couch.


Coach got Cael his very own P Ridge baseball hat!  We had to play baseball every single day after this for a week!


My two baseball boys!

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