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I know it’s been a while but I have been busy. Things have been crazy with daycare, crazy with wrestling, crazy with everything….and then our computer got a virus. Lovely. On Monday of this week we decided to take Winston to the vet. For the last year or so he’s been losing weight. We took him to the vet and they did blood work and all sorts of tests. Everything came back fine! He was just picky and wanted people food. He was gaining weight and seemed great. A few months ago he started losing weight again and was so skinny you could see his spine, count his ribs, feel all of his bones, it was not good. About a week ago he was still that skinny but his stomach was distended. He was pooping on the floor & it was disgusting. He was not himself. Back to Monday of this week – I took him to the vet and she said it was fluid in his chest that was making it look like his stomach was distended. She put a needle into him & pulled fluid. She said we could try some pills but it would be a small bandaid on a big wound. I decided there was no need to take x-rays or do any scans. There was no way he would get any better. The vet confirmed what we had been dreading – our only option was to put him down. It would be better for him. She asked if I wanted her to do it right then and I said no. I wanted to take him home for one more romp with the other dogs, so Courtney could see him and to spoil him for one more night. I brought him home.

Cael & I took him outside to play. We took lots of pictures and tried to play. Courtney came home and we took a big family picture. I fed him whatever he wanted. No dog food just good people food…and lots of it. We spent a lot of time cuddling & hugging Winston. All the dogs knew something was going on.

Yesterday I spent the day stuffing him with people food & loving on him. We had someone come watch Cael and Courtney & I took Winston for his last ride. It was the hardest ride of our lives! As soon as we got to the vet’s office Courtney lost it. They put us in a room so we could have some privacy. The vet came in and we had to sign paperwork and then I took his collar off and that’s when it hit me. They put the needle in & Winston jerked so hard the needle came out. They had to try it in the other leg. Within 2 minutes he was gone. I held his head the entire time. Leaving that room without him & leaving him on that table was so hard. We left and went to have a beer. We came home and Cael automatically asked where Winnie was. I tried to explain to him the best I could but I’m not sure if he understands. Uncle Curtis sent him a book called Dog Heaven that I plan to read to him….when I can read it without crying like a baby!

Winston was a Boglen Terrier which is a hybrid mix of a Beagle & Boston Terrier. We got Winston from the pound in Topeka when he was 6 weeks old. There were 6 in his litter, 2 looked like him and 4 looked like Boston Terriers. We took him & the other brindle puppy into a meeting room. Winston & his brother had a tug o war fight. Courtney said, “Whichever one wins is ours.” Winston was the lucky winner! Because he was only 6 weeks old we had to take him to a vet to be checked out & cleared to be taken. On the drive to the vet he crawled over the center console into Courtney’s lap. He looked up at him lovingly and pooped all over his lap! He weighed 3 lbs. and looked like a toy. We got him home & Miller towered over him. I thought for a little bit that we had made a mistake but he proved me wrong. He moved with us to Leavenworth, Puerto Rico and then back to Leavenworth. He LOVED the beach and Puerto Rico. He was our beach dog. He would chase the birds, chase Miller, Benny & Lola, chase Courtney and run all over the beach. Here we are almost 9 years after getting him and he is gone. He is no longer in pain and that is what matters to us.

We will love you forever, Winston Marie, aka Winnie.

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One thought on “Winston Marie

  1. I have tears for you all, such a hard transition time. But as you know you made the best decision for WInston and it sounds like he is playing on the beach chasing the birds!!
    We miss you and Cael, never fear we are going to have another baby next year hopefully (no I am not pregnanat yet…) so if you are still in the business you will be our first go to (keepig my fingers crossed that you will still be open and have a spot). Hugs to you all for the loss.

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