Snowy Days

Last week was State wrestling.  Courtney & his wrestlers ended up leaving on Wednesday morning to beat a storm that was supposed to move in.  That did not make me very happy because I would be left alone for several days.  I can handle being with Cael & his daycare buddies all day but I prefer when Daddy is home at night.  And it made me worry that the storm would be so bad that Cael & I wouldn’t be able to make it.  They got to Hays in time for the snow to start there.  By Thursday it was nasty here & it was looking like we would be stuck in Leavenworth because of snow while Courtney had 17″ of snow in Hays. 

I decided to get up on Thursday and snowblow the driveway while there was a small break in the snow. I ended up snowblowing the entire driveway, the sidewalk up to the neighbor’s house, the neighbor’s driveway & shoveled the snow from the steps! I was pretty darn proud of myself! So proud in fact that yes, I took pictures like a dork!! Here they are for your dorkish viewing pleasure…..




We were able to get up Friday and head to State but that's for another post. This week we ended up getting a bunch more snow Tuesday morning! Starting at 5:00 am we lost power & didn't have power for more than 20 minutes at a time. Around 7:45 we lost power for a lot longer. We ended up being powerless until about 11:00. We decided if we were going to be cold we might as well be cold because we were out in the snow! So Cael & I played for a little bit while I took pictures and Courtney started snowblowing. This snow was a lot more wet than the previous snow so it kept plugging up the snowblower. As you can imagine Daddy was ANGRY!! We heard lots of nice words about the snowblower. I ended up going & helping him by following him with the shovel. Courtney finally was able to go back to work yesterday, Thursday, February 28, after not being there for a full week! We still have so much snow on the ground but it hasn't snowed in a few days so we're good. Here is the snow from this week!


















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