Wrestling 2012-2013

Another wrestling season is in the record books! It might not be written in the record books quite like we wanted it to be but it’s in there. We didn’t quite have a full team this year but we saw some great matches & did really well at some tournaments. We ended up only taking 2 boys to State this year but we had a pretty stacked Regionals at some weights. When we got to state our boy at 106 had a good showing. He had to wrestle back to make it to the heartbreaker round (the round that if you win you medal, if you lose you’re out) and then lost in that round. Our boy at 170 made it into the finals again but he was up against a boy who looked like a freaking machine! Honestly, I don’t think his opponent was a better wrestler than him. We were not overly impressed watching him in other matches. In fact, he almost got pinned in the semi-finals! But he was ALL muscle. That does make a difference. If you are muscle & know at least a little about wrestling you can go pretty far! State was insane this year! We only had 2 boys so we didn’t have much of a crowd. The 17+ inches of snow in Hays didn’t help with the crowd size either. It was so empty there! And they started 6 hours behind schedule!! That was good for me because I made it in time and didn’t miss any matches. We normally start at 10:00 Friday morning and we didn’t start until 4:00 that afternoon this year! They also did finals different which I did not like at all but we got out of there at a decent hour so we were able to go to Minneapolis & get a full night of sleep.

After Christmas when I got my fancy camera (!) I started taking pictures at all of the tournaments. I did that in Sabetha & gave all of the wrestlers their pictures at the end of the year. I think they liked it. And it gives me practice in taking pictures. I am in the process of making a CD for each boy with his individual pictures and some I took of the team during the season. I of course made it a habit to take pictures of Cael at each tournament. I love to see how excited he is to be there! He loves to see his “wrestle boys” and watch his daddy in action. As much as I may complain about the time it takes wrestling is a part of our family. It is such a great sport! It teaches you to work hard for yourself because when you are on the mat you are alone. You have noone else to blame but yourself if something goes wrong or not the way you wanted it to. And when things go right YOU get all the glory! It is also a great team sport! Most people don’t realize it but it is a team sport. You earn your own points but you also earn team points. All wrestlers are going through the same thing. You’re cutting weight, you’re struggling with confidence if you didn’t wrestle well, you’re excited because you did great, and so many other emotions. Wrestlers amaze me! I hope Cael wants to wrestle when he’s older. Although, I already just about have a heart attack watching these boys wrestle. I have no idea how insane I will be if Cael does it! Next year will help me find out because Nicolas will be at the high school level so I’ll get to watch him every week. Can’t wait!! Here are some of the pictures I took this season.




















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