Welcome Spring….Or Not

It’s been pretty quiet around here lately. Nothing very exciting going on at all. The most exciting thing has been the fact that there were approximately 2 days of nice weather that could be considered Spring. In those 2 days we took a nice jog as a family & then I took a jog on my own. I was so excited to get out and be active. And then the winter weather moved back in. Blah, blah, blah!

Courtney’s “spring break” was pretty much a bust. Poor guy. It was fine for me since I don’t get one of those anymore. He did work on putting down some grass seed. The dogs have torn our yard up something fierce and we have bare spots all over. Of course the drought we’ve been having lately hasn’t helped but I still think it’s mainly the dogs. So Courtney decided to go buy seed to try to bring our yard back to life. He started putting the seed down and it was so cold that day but he was determined to get it done. He started rushing to get it done when it started spitting snow. I think he was nervous about putting it down when we were expecting snow but then he heard the snow would actually be good for the seed. He got the backyard done and got up the next morning to work on the front yard. Cael & I only got to help with watering that day because we didn’t think he would be much help with the seed. And the poor dogs were banished from the backyard until we put up a “fence” around the main part that was seeded. They now have to go in & out from the upstairs and they are thoroughly confused!

That all happened on Wednesday & Thursday. Friday we watered & by Saturday we started getting snow. It snowed pretty much all night Saturday night and we have a nice covering on the seed. We had to snowblow & shovel yesterday. Of course we only have 1 actual snow shovel and the others are dirt shovels. I had the snow shovel, Courtney had the snowblower & Cael had a dirt shovel. Cael had more fun throwing snowballs at Daddy while he was working. Then he got too cold and needed to go inside. That was about the time that the snowblower started making a terrible sound and I saw the belt sneaking out from under it. Great. A busted belt. With only half of the driveway done. That would be the Marsh family luck! So Courtney took the snow shovel & I got the dirt shovel. I’m pretty proud of myself because I did the entire sidewalk up to the neighbor’s house….with a tiny metal dirt shovel. At least the grass seed has a nice covering of snow and should be good and moist for a while. Here’s to hoping the weather is nice this coming weekend for Easter. We’re supposed to go to Minneapolis on Friday and come back on Sunday. Hopefully the kids will get to go on an Easter egg hunt….in the grass and not the snow!










Saturday night we go to watch the D1 Wrestling National Championship Finals on TV. We were pretty excited it was being televised since it is the middle of March Madness. We don’t really care about basketball here….in case you didn’t know. We haven’t watched a single game and we don’t plan on watching one…unless it would happen to be WSU or KU in the finals then we’ll see. We decided to make S’mores in the fireplace while we watched. Cael was pretty excited to get to see “big Cael” (aka Cael Sanderson) on TV. He liked seeing his name on the TV. Who knows, maybe some day the name Cael will be on the TV in that tournament and it will be our Cael. Here are S’more pictures for your viewing pleasure! 😉






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