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We’ve had a roller coaster ride for lives since Easter. Long story short – I was applying for jobs to get back in to teaching this year. I now officially know that I will be continuing daycare for at least another year. Courtney & I thought about moving back home to the Minneapolis area but it would have been too crazy to try to do right now. Who knows, maybe next year! I can tell you I was very discouraged by not even getting an interview anywhere but I’m done feeling that way. If you won’t even interview me it is YOUR loss. I am a GREAT teacher and any district would be lucky to get me! And I am DONE letting other people hurt me.

Courtney is working in Emporia this summer to make some extra money. He’s back at the liquor store he worked at during college. His boss from there is amazing and he lets him work 3 12 hour days and 4 extra hours 1 day a week for a full week of work. That way he can be home on weekends with us. We just survived our first week last week. It was rough but we did it. It may be a long summer but we are the Marsh family and we can do anything!! Cael had a shirt for his birthday that was the Angry Birds and it said “Team Awesome” on it. I told him that the Marsh team is Team Awesome!

We just had Cael’s 4th birthday party yesterday! FOUR YEARS?!?! Wow, time flies! Tomorrow is his actual birthday & I took the day off. We’ll be off to our annual birthday lunch at Hooters and then we will be going to the aquarium in Kansas City. We are super excited for a day with our boy! Next post – the Angry Birds birthday party!!

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