Future Dilemma??


We’ve been discussing the possibility of moving back home lately. We thought it might happen this coming school year but it’s not going to. But who knows, maybe it will happen the following year. I was getting excited about the possibility. To be closer to Courtney’s side of the family, which we haven’t lived near since we graduated from High School. To have friends & family to hang out with because we don’t have many friends, especially couples or families, around here that we ever do anything with. To be near cousins around Cael’s age for him to play with. He has his daycare friends but that’s about it here. After they leave for the day it’s just Cael. On the weekends it’s just Cael. And let’s face it, Minneapolis and the surrounding area(s) has cheaper cost of living! Could we finally have the chance to get our finances under control?!?!

Then this week Cael & I went and had dinner with Grammy at the Legends. He hadn’t seen her in a week & a half. He kept hugging her, telling her she is the best Grammy, telling her he missed her and how much he loves her. So there’s the dilemma. We would have to give up seeing Grammy & Papa as much as we do. We could probably still see them just as much as we do but it would sure be a lot more money to spend for gas and it would take an entire weekend instead of an afternoon or evening. And we like where we live. We can be to Topeka, Lawrence, anywhere in KC in less than an hour! We would have to adjust how we do everything.

We have at least another year before we’ll have to make any kind of decision about this but I am already worried about how we are going to do such a thing! Not to mention the fact that I’ll also have to deal with Cael entering KINDERGARTEN in another year!! This Mama may have a lot of big & possibly painful decisions to make.

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