Gone Fishing!

When Courtney comes home on the weekends we’ve been trying to spend lots of family time together. We’ve gone bowling twice this summer (that’s huge for us!), we’ve blown up the pool and swam in our backyard as many weekends as we have been able to and this past weekend we went fishing. Courtney got in touch with a former student of his who has a pond at his house. Courtney & Cael went shopping for supplies while I got a pedicure. It was so nice to get pampered a little and I am looking forward to going back! We bought Cael a fishing pole when he was a baby and it was a cheap plastic Lightning McQueen pole. We were practicing with it and it wasn’t doing very good so Courtney bought him a new one. Cael & I bought Courtney a pole for his very first Father’s Day when Cael was 10 days old. Pretty exciting to get to take it out finally after 4 years! Courtney bought me a bright pink fishing pole so I was excited to take it out.

We were letting Cael practice casting off of our deck. That boy got the line twisted and wrapped around the deck so many times. We told him about his Great Grandpa Johnson fishing in the Gulf of Mexico and catching a swordfish. (True story, we had it stuffed and it hung on the wall at the office FOREVER!) So Cael was “fishing” off the deck and he kept saying, “I got a swordfish!!” Then he told us he hoped he would catch a swordfish that didn’t have a sword. So funny!

We got out there and got Cael’s pole all ready to go. I was busy taking pictures….of course. Courtney helped him cast the first time and then ended up doing it by himself every time, it was just much easier. The second cast daddy did himself and then handed the pole to Cael. Next thing we know his bobber is going crazy and Cael is reeling in a fish! Within about 5 minutes Cael caught his very first fish! Every time Courtney would cast his line and hand it off Cael would right away catch a fish!

Courtney was finally able to help get my pole ready because I didn’t know how to do it. He put a sinker on it and something else that I can’t remember so I could hopefully catch a bigger fish. That didn’t seem to work. So he put a bobber on mine just like Cael’s (is it sad that an adult needed a bobber?) and within a few minutes I had my very first fish! I’d been fishing once when I was younger and had no success. Once with Courtney & his family and never even touched a pole. Once in Puerto Rico with no success. So I was excited to catch my first fish! I was finally, after 3 tries, able to bait my own hook and was really enjoying fishing. I caught the biggest fish of the day (and it wasn’t that big but to me it was a big deal!). On the last cast my pole was bending and I was pulling hard. I had to put the pole against my stomach & use two hands to try to reel it in. I was THRILLED! A HUGE FISH!! All of a sudden Daniel yelled that he was going to get a gun and Courtney took my pole. What the heck had I caught?!?! A big ole snapping turtle. Courtney was trying to get it up on the shore very carefully and then the line broke.

Curtis had offered to stuff Cael’s first fish he caught. When he pulled it in we asked him if he wanted to keep it or wait for a bigger fish. He said he wanted a bigger fish so we kept going. When I caught my big(ish) fish I said we could have it stuffed and he said no. He saw the scales and they were red so he thought the fish was hurt. He said, “The fish looks hurt! Throw it back!” He has such a big heart! After my line broke we decided that was a good time to go home. We got on the road home and Cael was already asking to go back! I think we have quite the little fisherman on our hands!



















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