So the summer is almost over. It wasn’t all that different from the school year for me because I had the same kids all summer that I had during the school year. I don’t have any teacher’s kids so I don’t lose any kids for the summer. It has been an interesting “summer” here in the Marsh house.

I started out the summer thinking I would be closing down because I would be back in the classroom this coming school year. I applied for 2 jobs in a district here that shall remain nameless, several jobs back in Salina, 2 jobs in 2 other districts here, and another job just up the road from Leavenworth. So the jobs back in Salina looked so promising. They called me and did a phone interview and we set up a face-to-face interview. Courtney had applied in Bennington and we were very hopeful that would pan out but it didn’t. So he then applied for a job in Salina and had set up an interview for the same day as mine. The problem? Courtney’s job would have been a distance learning job. What does that mean? Picture Courtney sitting in a classroom with no students, just a screen. His students would have been in different towns even! I told him it wasn’t worth it to drop his job & coaching that he loves here to sit in a room by himself. It wasn’t worth the sacrifice. So he canceled his interview and I canceled mine.

The 2 jobs here in 1 district. Um, yeah. I applied. I sent follow up emails to make sure they had all of my materials. I was ignored. I was ignored for a month. I did not even get an interview. That would be strikes 1 & 2….but who is counting?

The other 2 jobs in districts around here – NOTHING. Not surprised about those though. I’m sure there were many many applicants with less years than me. Less years teaching than Kelly = less money you have to fork out. Strikes 3 & 4.

Then I get an email. An email ASKING me to apply for a job. An email telling me how great I look on paper. An email telling me how the “wheels would be in motion” to get me interviewed. An email telling me I would be called in a few days for an interview. I sent follow up emails. I called and left a voicemail. Then came a phone call to talk to me about screening my boy for preschool there! Yay!! Ooops, our mistake, we gave your phone number on accident. THEN I get the email saying, “Sorry but I filled the position.” Yep, very excited to meet and interview you = NO INTERVIEW FOR YOU! Strike 5? Sure, why not!

Then I find out about a preschool needing a teacher. Could it be? I got a call about an interview!! But, financially it would not be the right move for our family so I turned it down. Strike 6. SIX?!?!! Yes, strike 6.

Now, did I cry about each of these? Yep. (Okay, maybe not, maybe just 4 of the strikes made me cry! That’s progress!) Am I letting that keep me down? Hell. No. I was (AM) a damn good teacher. No, I AM a GREAT teacher. So for these 5 places (not counting Salina or the preschool job – not their faults, my decision.) that I am not good enough for – YOUR LOSS! There will be a job for me back in the classroom. I don’t know where it will be. I don’t know what grade it will be. I don’t know when it will happen but it WILL happen! Ok, I feel better now that I have that out of my system.

Courtney has been working out of town for the summer. He has left every Monday (and some Sundays) and come home on Friday. It has been a challenge. It has caused some small behavior issues in Cael. It has probably caused some small behavior issues in all 3 of us! But I have learned a valuable lesson this summer. I can do anything! I can take care of our house on my own. I can take care of Cael on my own. I am a strong and responsible woman! Do I still feel sorry for myself because so far there is no job for me? Sure. But I am also taking advantage of this year with my son. He will be ready for Kindergarten next year….thanks to ME. (He does not qualify for preschool at any of the public schools in town and the other preschools are expensive!) I get to spend one more year with him raising him how I want him raised. He gets one more year with his Mommy to know how much I love him and how much I enjoy being with him. And we will continue to go support Daddy and his teams as much as we can. Sometimes that doesn’t happen because of the time his stuff starts and I still have kiddos at daycare but we go as much as we can. And, for the record, I appreciate everything my husband has done for us this summer and how much he has sacrificed. I know that his life has been twisted and turned upside down because he was away from us. I can’t say that about our lives though because they stayed the same. The only difference was that Daddy wasn’t here every night.

So what does the coming school year hold for the Marsh family? I. Have. NO. Idea. I know that this little daycare will turn into more of a preschool because I’ve got kiddos to teach! I know we will attend MANY football games because Nic will be playing. I know that we will attend MANY cross country meets because Daddy is coaching. I know we will attend ALL wrestling meets because, well, that’s what we do! (And Daddy coaches and Nic will wrestle) I know we will attend MANY baseball games because, again, that’s what we do. Might Mommy find a job in the classroom next school year? Maybe. Might we make a move elsewhere? Only if there’s a job for both of us! We will worry about that when the time is right.

To all of our teacher friends that read this little thing – I hope you had a fabulous summer and spent time doing what you wanted! I hope you got lots of family time and had fun! To all our friends and family that aren’t teachers – I hope you had a good “summer” also! Maybe not getting to hang out and do whatever you want but I hope you did get to do some fun things. And now I must go wake some kiddos up from nap time.

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