We’re Off and Running!

Courtney “moved” back home!! I was worried that it would take some adjusting but everything has fallen back into place. He started back with students last week and I think things are going pretty well for him. He’s got Nic in class and he says he’s picking up on things pretty quick. We can’t wait to go to football games and see him playing!

I have signed us up for a 5K on September 22nd for lung cancer awareness. This means Kelly had to step up and start running to get ready! So last week I started running just a mile every day. It was nice because Courtney came home from work right after school and would start dinner while I ran and then when I got home I would finish dinner. Well, cross country practice started yesterday. That means Courtney will start getting home anywhere from 6:00 to 7:00 every night, depending on how late practice runs. On nights when he has a meet it will be later. It also means that I get to run with Cael in a stroller. I suppose that will actually benefit me in the end because I’m running AND pushing at least 50 extra lbs worth of Cael & stroller which makes it more difficult. Can you say toning?? The other challenge this brings is timing. I have kids until 5:00 most nights so I’m getting dressed for our run during nap time so we can leave as soon as we’re kid-less. As soon as I get home I need to start dinner and figure out a time to take a bath or shower (oh yes people, I SWEAT a ton!). I need to try to do all of that before Courtney gets home. It’s not a huge deal right now when I’m running a mile or mile & a half but when I get to a longer distance it could be an issue. I am hoping to take advantage of my crock pot and maybe even make some dinners during nap time if I can. We’ll see what happens!

I am adding a link to our fundraising page for the 5K. Courtney and I are running and Cael will be pushed by Sharon & Wilbur. I’m not sure if Curtis is walking/running with us or if he’s just planning on being here to support us and take pictures. We ordered shirts and everything! It feels good to be running now and working on myself and taking better care of myself but it also feels good to be doing something for lung cancer. We are running in memory of and to honor Shirley. Please feel free to click on the link and donate to our team if you would like to. We’re not asking to raise much money but every little bit helps. Thank you!


Yesterday was also Courtney’s birthday. Mommy & Daddy are the same age again….for a few months! We didn’t do too much. We took Daddy out to eat last night. Over the weekend Cael and I took him shopping for some new shoes and then Cael stayed with Grammy & Papa. Courtney & I had our August date and it was a blast!! I took him to a gun range in Olathe called Cross Fire. If you’re in the area and want to go to a range I would totally recommend them! We shot 3 different guns for only $15.00 and we shot 150 rounds. We had so much fun!!


c shoot

k shoot

I’m pretty proud of myself right now, too. It was still a difficult start to the school year for me but not as difficult as last year. The sting of not setting up a classroom and meeting new kiddos is still there but I’m dealing. Cael has really become a “Mommy’s boy” as of late and I’ve come to the conclusion that he was not ready for me to go back to work. When you become a parent you have to learn to put your needs and wants on the backburner and focus on the needs and wants of your child. It didn’t matter that I wanted to go back to work this school year. It mattered that Cael still needs me this school year. I know he will grow a lot between now and next year at this time when he will be in Kindergarten (did I JUST say that???!!!!) and he will be ready. He just wasn’t ready yet.

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