Free to Breathe 5K

So we did it. Courtney & I ran our first 5K together. Sharon, Wilbur, Travis, Nicole, Curtis, Alta, KayLynn, Mackenzie & Cael walked their first 5K together. We got there and got our packets & shirts and waited for a little bit. We got some pictures taken but not too many because the kids were irritated about being up so early. Cael was really not thrilled to be there or having his pictures taken. He especially wasn’t thrilled that his mommy wasn’t going to push him in his stroller. But Uncle Curtis came to the rescue with his Ipad so all was well.

Courtney & I took off to find the start of the race – that wasn’t very well marked I might add. And the chip in our shoe was completely for the time we crossed the finish line. In Puerto Rico when I ran we had chips on our shoes. When we started we crossed a carpet that had a sensor so it started our time when we stepped on the carpet. There was also a carpet at the finish line that had a sensor so it stopped our time. For this race they started the clock when the gun went off. So you could have not started running until a minute into the race timer which would make your ending time a minute slower. Make sense? Courtney taped my ankle up because I hurt it a week or so ago. I didn’t run all week last week so I knew I would be a little slower than usual.

The scenery on the course was beautiful. It was in Leawood, which is a rich part of the KC metro area, so the houses were absolutely beautiful. It was mostly shaded with just a few hills. But I struggled. My first mile time was a full 40 seconds slower than the last time I ran with Cael! My second mile was a minute slower than the first! Courtney stayed with me the entire time and I could tell it was killing him to be getting passed by people and to have to run slower than he wanted to. That made me angry! Not at him but at the fact that he felt he couldn’t leave me. What makes me more angry is the fact that I don’t think I could have finished without him being there beside me. I was in such a mental funk!

I set a few goals for myself. 1) RUN the whole damn thing. 2) Finish faster than my last (and only) 5K time of 32 minutes. 3) Make my husband proud of me. I guess I can say I met 2 of my goals. We ran, well jogged I guess, the whole time. Courtney made me get a water at the halfway point so I walked for just a tiny bit to take a drink. He kept asking if I needed to walk and I kept saying no because I knew my ankle would hurt if I stopped. But hell sometimes I was jogging so slow I could have walked faster! I guess I made the hubs proud. He said he was proud of me but I know he would be even more proud if I had done better. I did not finish better than my PR time. I did not even finish in the same as my PR time. I finished in just under 37 minutes. 5 MINUTES LONGER to run the same distance! Part of me wants to cut myself some slack and be proud of myself. Here’s my justification for that: I am 6 years older, at least 40 pounds heavier & I’ve had a baby since my first 5K and I hadn’t run in a week. But those aren’t good enough excuses for me! I can be proud of myself for finishing and for just doing it but I am not proud of my effort. My body gave up on me running yesterday. I wanted to do it so much better but my brain and my body did not agree.

We ran in memory and in honor of Shirley. There’s the important part. We raised some money to help beat lung cancer & to raise lung cancer awareness. We came together as a family and did something for a great cause. When Courtney & I came around the last turn before the home stretch there were some cheerleaders there. They read our shirts and said, “Finish strong! Do it for Shirley!” And I tried to finish strong. I tried to pick up the pace. I could see the finish line and people were cheering but I couldn’t.

All I can say for myself is I need to start working even harder. Once my ankle feels better I will run with Cael and figure out a way to run harder. I want to do another 5K and cut that damn 5 minutes off!













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