The Marsh Family 2013 Review

My hubs and I had a miscommunication when it came to Christmas cards & letters this year.  I wanted to have them ready by the first week in December but we couldn’t find time to get a picture taken.  We finally got one taken and I’ve been lazy about addressing them.  Courtney was in charge of making copies of the letter but I forgot to tell him to copy them.  So I’ve decided to do a year in review on here in place of our letter.  So here it goes!

January 2013: Cael had his first ever surgery!  We took him in for his first dental appointment and found he had 4 cavities.  When we got to the day of surgery (mom was a nervous wreck) and they put him under they discovered he needed more work than had been planned.  he ended up with 6 caps and 4 fillings.  He struggled that night with pain but he made it through.  We have dubbed his capped teeth his “magic” teeth and he knows when he loses them he will get extra money from the tooth fairy. 




new year

February 2013: Our second month of 2013 was a pretty sad one.  Winston wasn’t doing well.  We thought his stomach was distended so I took him to the vet.  It was his chest filling with fluid.  She said it could be cancer or heart failure.  She said we could give him meds but it would be “a little band aid on a big wound.”  We decided to have him put down.  It was a hard hard day.  Courtney & I were with him the entire time.  At the end of February we had State wrestling and it was an experience! Courtney & the team went out on Tuesday when they normally go out on Thursday because of a winter storm. They ended up with 18″ in Hays and wrestling started at 2:00 on Friday instead of 10:00. Our boy got 2nd again so we were a little disappointed but it’s alright.


fam with winnie

March 2013: Not much happened in the month of March. Courtney started getting busy with baseball and Cael and I were busy with daycare. There were some games we could not make it to because daycare friends were here too late for us to make it. On those nights Cael & I had “Mommy Cael nights”. Those are always fun!


April 2013 I guess Easter was technically in March but I’ll put it in April. We went to Minneapolis for Easter weekend. Cael got to experience his first big Easter Egg Hunt at the park. We’ve always just done little hunts in our back yard or at Sharon’s. He actually had 2 because we went to the park and had one with family at Sharon’s. Everyone was at Sharon’s and we took a big family picture. I hope to take another big family picture this year. I want to take big family pictures every time we get together for a holiday but that hasn’t been happening. I think I need to make sure it happens from now on!

easter family



May 2013: In May I went back to Sabetha for the graduation of the first kids I ever taught and Courtney & I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary. It was so nice to go back & see the kids all grown up. I went early and surprised some of them at their parties. I had a great time talking with everyone and taking pictures with my kids! Then for our anniversary Courtney & I went and stayed at a nice old hotel in Kansas City. It’s nice to take at least 1 night to celebrate our anniversary each year. The next day we drove up to Lincoln, Nebraska, to see Mr. Figgs from Sabetha. He had a stroke and was in Lincoln for rehabilitation. It was nice to get to spend some time with him and our friend, Angelina, who went with us. Courtney finished up a good school year in May and then got ready to start working for the summer.


June 2013: Cael turned 4 on June 10, 2013. I cannot believe our baby boy is 4 years old!! It absolutely does not seem possible. He is a wonderful little 4 year old. Yes, he has his own issues (like right now he is going through a phase where he does NOTHING BUT WHINE!!!!) but we wouldn’t have him any other way! We celebrated with an awesome Angry Birds party and on his actual birthday we made our annual trip to Hooters and then went to the Sea Life Aquarium in Kansas City. It was a great day. Courtney started working in Emporia for the summer in June. He would leave on Sunday night and worked until Friday then he was home on the weekends. It was rough and I hope we don’t have to ever do it again but we survived.






July 2013: We celebrated Shirley’s life on July 17, the day marking 10 years that she has been gone. Courtney was in Emporia working and Cael and I drove there to surprise him. We released balloons, read the book about her and just talked about her a lot. We miss her and we love her still!




August 2013: We celebrated Courtney’s birthday and the new school year started. Courtney finished working in Emporia just in time to start school and cross country practice. Nothing too exciting in August.



September 2013: September was just September! Nothing too exciting. Cael is continuing to grow and is so smart and funny! Daycare is full and going strong. Courtney & I did run in our first 5K together! Sharon & Wilbur, Curtis, Travis & Nicole, AJ, KayLynn & Mackenzie all came up and participated with us. Mom & Dad came over and watched. It was a great run to remember Shirley. I can’t wait to knock a bunch of time off my run next year!!





October 2013: We celebrated my birthday, Courtney’s girl’s team and 1 boy made it to state cross country & Cael was Yoshi for Halloween. Courtney’s 1 boy that made it to state got 2nd which was a huge accomplishment!





November 2013: Cross country ended and Middle School wrestling started for Courtney. He ended up at the last minute having to take over coaching and was so busy! He had to miss the first tournament because it was the same day as state cross country. The ms wrestling number went from 6 last year to 18 this year! They did really well for a young squad that maybe 2 of the kids had ever wrestled before. And then, of course, he started high school wrestling also! For 2 weeks he would go to work at 7:00 am, teach all day, ms wrestling practice from 3:30-5:30 and then hs wrestling practice from 5:30-7:30. It was crazy! Thanksgiving was quiet this year but we did get to spend the actual day with my mom & dad and Courtney’s family. We were in OP for the afternoon and then drove home.





December 2013: We’ve spent the month of December so far getting ready for Christmas and going to wrestling, of course! I’m pretty proud of myself because I started Christmas shopping in October and was done pretty much by Thanksgiving. Not too shabby! Wrestling has started off pretty good. They have a young squad but they should do pretty good. It’s going to be like their baseball seasons always are – a building year. We are very excited for Christmas Eve tomorrow! Mom, Dad, Joy & Aunt Sandi are coming over tomorrow afternoon. Then we will head to Mom & Dad’s house Wednesday afternoon and then we’re off to Minneapolis on Thursday. I get to start my break a day early because no kids are coming tomorrow! I’m going to clean the house tonight so we can make cookies for Santa and relax tomorrow! Can’t wait!! We hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a fabulous 2014! We can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store for the Marsh family! Perhaps a teaching job for Kelly? State Champion wrestler for Courtney? A winning baseball season with a trip to the playoffs for Courtney? KINDERGARTEN for Cael? Stay tuned to our blog to see!


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  1. joyous

    I will only stay tuned if you promise to UPDATE!! And I will comment more. And it will be like we’re having actual conversations!! Love you Stinky!

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