Christmas 2013

It doesn’t seem possible that another Christmas has come and gone. I cannot believe that we just celebrated Cael’s 5th Christmas! Each Christmas we spend with him is more fun than the last. This year he was so appreciative of everything he received. He was happy and excited and appreciative. Almost every gift he opened he would hug and say, “This is what I always wanted for Christmas!” This year he did not open any gifts before Christmas. He knew that all of the gifts under the tree in Cars wrapping paper were for him and he left them alone. He asked ALOT if it was time to open presents yet.

Last year I decided to wrap books as a “Countdown to Christmas” for him. I wrapped 1 book for each night from December 1 – December 24. Last year I put numbers on them and he had to open a specific book each day. This year I wrapped all but the last 2 in silver so he could just pick a book each day. Last year he would open the book and just toss it aside. He wasn’t interested in it at all. This year he is the one who brought up opening a book every night. The last 2 books were in different paper because I had a book called “The Night Before The Night Before Christmas” for the 23rd and, of course, “The Night Before Christmas” for the 24th. He was excited to not only open a book each night but he was excited for me to read it to him each night. It was great!

Christmas being in the middle of the week this year made schedules interesting. I didn’t want to take the whole week off because I know how difficult it can be for some of my daycare parents so I stayed open Monday & Tuesday, which was Christmas Eve. Fortunately for me I got an extra day off because no kids came on Tuesday. It was nice to have 6 days off, something that has not happened in the last 2 years I’ve been open! We spent Christmas Eve cleaning the house and getting ready for everything. Mom, Dad, Joy & Aunt Sandi came over Christmas Eve and we ate and opened our jammies. I gave Courtney his big present from me. I got him a membership to the “Beer of the Month Club”. So the last week of each month for the next year he will receive 12 bottles of beer. He will get 3 bottles of 4 different flavors (is that what you call beer? flavors?). I had the first shipment arrive in November so that I would have some to give him. And we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of his 2nd shipment any day this week. Exciting!! I think he was excited about it.

Christmas morning we got up and had breakfast and opened gifts just the 3 of us. It was quiet and lovely. Cael was SO excited to see that Santa had brought him the Star Wars Angry Birds AT-AT Battle Game that he has been wanting for probably 2 years now. Then he saw that Santa also brought him 2 sets of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and 2 bad guys. This little dude was spoiled this year!! But ya know what? We’re fine with that. We are thoroughly enjoying focusing on him and only him! It was so fun to see him open his gifts. Courtney & I were spoiled by each other and Cael also this year. It feels so good to be able to have had a nice Christmas this year. We are thankful that we were financially stable enough to be able to have a nice Christmas. And I started buying gifts in October. I will definitely be doing that again! It felt so good to be done with the majority of our shopping by Thanksgiving!

We went to mom & dad’s on Christmas day. We had a great lunch and opened gifts with mom, dad, Joy & Aunt Sandi. Cael was so excited to get another Angry Birds hat made by his Aunt Joy. This year it is blue. We have had so many people compliment and comment on his red hat. He loves to wear his blue hat now and hold his red hat in his hands. The 2 hats apparently can communicate with each other. I’m not sure if I should be concerned or not. We left there and headed home to try to get our house in order before we headed to Minneapolis for the weekend.

Thursday morning we got up and finished cleaning before leaving for Minneapolis. We got there and then went to Salina to take Courtney’s dad, Grandma & Uncle Anthony out for dinner. It was a late night and Cael was exhausted. So exhausted that he & I slept until 9:00 Friday morning! We haven’t slept that late in a long time! On Friday Courtney and I went to Salina to do a little shopping and gave Cael some quality time with his cousins, Uncle Wilbur and Auntie Sharon. He loves when he gets to spend time with them. Thursday night before we went to Salina Cael was playing with Alta & her pink crossbow that shoots Nerf darts. He really liked doing that so on Friday we went and bought Cael one. They didn’t have any black crossbows so Cael is now the proud owner of his very own pink crossbow. He’s not a bad shot for a little dude! Friday night we did gifts with the Noon family and then more family came and we had a big dinner. It was another late night so Cael slept in until after 9:00 again on Saturday! I was shocked! Saturday we left to come home. We wanted a day to make sure the house was in order for daycare and just to get a day to relax. (And of course watch football. REALLY Cowboys??!! A very disappointing loss…AGAIN!) Sunday would have been Shirley’s 57th birthday. We celebrated by releasing a couple of balloons for her. Cael was very excited to release a Cars balloon to his Grammy Shirley.

Kids are getting ready to leave and we have friends coming over for New Year’s Eve. Cael is excited that his friends Davin & George (Jordan) are coming over to play and ring in the New Year with him. We might have to ring it in early because their mom has to work tomorrow but that’s ok. Cael saw 2014 tiaras at Wal Mart and HAD to have them. We have noise makers, tiaras, hats & glasses to wear so we might have to do that early. We also have “champagne” for the kids. It will be a fun night! We hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and we will see you in 2014!!






































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