Almost summer

Life in the Marsh house has been crazy (as always) lately. So many things have happened in the last month. Courtney’s baseball season is coming to an end and Cael’s is just beginning. Courtney’s team has done pretty well, rebuilding as they always seem to be. Tonight he has round 1 of regionals. We are torn though. If they win tonight they play on Wednesday. Of course we want them to win but Cael also has a game on Wednesday night. We’re not looking forward to Daddy possibly having to miss his game on Wednesday but we’ll deal with it. (UPDATE: They won! Daddy will miss the game on Wednesday.) Daddy is going to miss practices and a few games in the next month because he is going to be working in Emporia again for the summer. This should be the last time he has to do that. It’s a big sacrifice but we will need the money at the end of the summer.

Cael has been busy the last month with baseball practice 2 nights a week and has now started having games. He had his first game last Friday. In case you aren’t familiar with tiny people COACH PITCH (yes I said coach pitch!) this is how we do it here: 4 innings, no time limit, no outs. They bat through 9 batters and each batter gets 6 pitches. If they hit they run the bases, they can be thrown out but they don’t do 3 outs. If they don’t hit any of the 6 they sit down and the next boy comes up. When the 9th batter goes up once the play is dead they see where people are on bases and that’s where they go the next time at bat. We haven’t had that scenario happen yet. Last Friday Cael played 2 innings and had to sit out 2 innings. He played left field both times out and wasn’t a huge fan of being in the outfield! He would much rather be up to bat. He hit both times he got up but was thrown out at first both times. The other team was a bunch of first graders and half of our team will be in preschool next year! He had his 2nd game on Sunday. He played 2 1/2 innings because we were ahead at the bottom of the 4th so we didn’t get to bat again. He hit both ties he was up to bat and ran the bases and SCORED!! I was so proud of him! He danced each time he got on base. He ran with his tongue hanging out and tried to slide into home. When he got on 1st base he looked at his coach and said, “Give me pow, coach!” The first time he scored he “slid” into home and smiled the biggest smile I’ve ever seen and said, “I did it!” ADORABLE!!! I wasn’t too sure about Cael playing baseball but I am loving it! He is so happy and having so much fun. It’s worth it.










Cael & I are still going strong with daycare every day and we will for 2 more months…and then Teach & Care Family Daycare will officially be closed down! I got a job teaching 1st grade in Effingham! And tomorrow we will be closed so I can take Cael to Effingham to get screened to start preschool! I am freaking out a little bit about him starting school but I will deal with it. I’m sure it won’t be as bad as I am dreading especially since I will be starting teaching at the same time. We found a great daycare that is right across the street from the school I will be at so at least he’ll be close to me. That might be a little strange! *We met with his daycare and he was screened yesterday. I got to sit in on the screening and he did GREAT! It was a very thorough screening. He gave her some answers she had never heard before too. For instance she said, “If a pillow is soft a rock is what?” Cael’s response was, “Uncomfortable!” Then he said it was not soft before finally saying hard. I think he is going to have a great preschool experience! I met some of my new colleagues and brought home some of my teaching materials. I am getting really excited about going back to the classroom!! I am still dreading not being with Cael but I think that is totally normal. He told me yesterday, “You are my preschool teacher and I will miss you.” So sweet!

After screening and meeting new daycare we went to Atchison to get a few things from Wal Mart and to grab dinner. We ended up running late and had to eat in the car. We drove back to Effingham for Cael’s baseball game. They only had 9 boys last night so he got to play every inning. First time at bat he struck out and took it like a champ. His 2nd time at bat he made it to base but the next batter was the last batter and he struck out so there was no more running. Third time he hit and ran all the bases to score the tying run to make it 13-13. Last time at bat he hit and got tagged out at first. By then he was tired and hot and sweaty and grumpy and got pissed when he was tagged out. We had a minor fit that mommy was able to easily defuse and then the game was over. We lost 16-17. 😦 Daddy didn’t get to be there last night because his team was playing in round 2 of regionals. They went up against a team that they just played a week ago and lost 2-12 twice in one night. Last night they went 2 extra innings and lost 1-2. Talk about a heartbreaker game! Courtney said it was some of the best baseball they have ever played. Now we’re busy with Courtney’s sports banquet tonight, Cael has a game tomorrow night and then we finally get a little break.

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