Who Are The Marshes?


Kelly – I am the mom! I taught for 9 years before quitting to stay home with our son. I opened an in-home family daycare so I can still make money while keeping Cael socialized. Right now we are full! I think Cael is enjoying having friends to play with every day & if it makes him happy then Mommy is happy!!

Courtney is the dad! He teaches high school Spanish at PRHS. He also coaches….alot! In the fall he coaches cross country, in the winter it’s wrestling & in the spring it’s baseball. He is gone…alot! Is his spare time he hangs out with Cael & they love to play on the Wii.

Cael is the little dude! He stays home with Mommy & all of his daycare friends during the day. He loves Cars & Mario. He has so much energy all of the time. He travels with Mommy to every single wrestling meet & tournament, and as many cross country meets & baseball games as he can. He loves to play with our phones, the Wii, anything technology related that he can get his hands on! He is so smart.

Miller, Winston & Max are the dogs! Miller will be 10 years old in May 2013, Winston will be 9 years old in March 2013 & we are not sure how old Max is. We got Miller at about 6 months old, we got Winston at 6 weeks old & Max came to us from our neighbors in May 2012.

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